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Alrighty, and next, we’re going to do the Prime runner, a la the regular prime runner rules(not the one in the back of the book where you can take two Priority A’s or anything.)

For this, I’ll be taking advantage of the high Resources and taking them A. The idea I have is a human male ‘street sam’ type whose resemblance to Adam Jensen is strictly coincidental. Kinda.

The major differences between Prime and Normal are:

-More starting resources
-More Contacts
-More Bonus Karma
-A bit higher Availability allowed
-Able to convert more Karma to Nuyen, up to 50,000(essentially allowing up to 550,000 resources.)

Welp, knowing that, let’s get started!

Resources: A(500,000)
Attributes: B(20)
Skills: C(28/2)
Race: D(3 Special Attribute points)
E: –

Being a Mundane Human, he essentially gets to start with a 4 Edge. This is great, IMO, since mundanes should have a bit of that extra edge. I’m here all week, guys.

So, attributes. He’s going to be a sam, so I’ll be weighing in Physical attributes higher than Mental Attributes, but I don’t want to leave him completely deficient; in fact, I think I’m going to go with a balanced spread. I can see that on this guy, anyway; improved in the Physical sense, perhaps average in the Mental sense, but thanks to the cyberware, he’s going to be boosted considerably higher.

Body: 4
Agility: 5
Reaction: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 4
Essence: 6
Initiative: 7+1d6

There, nice and easy. He’ll be well-primed to take the giant pile of bio and cyberware I’m going to stuff into him for big bonuses. Thinking things over, I had decided to swap a point out of Charisma for Agility; he can be a bit abrasive at times, though he’s not socially inept.

With no Magic or Resonance to worry about, we can skip pretty quickly right to the Qualities part of the character creation. Looking over the Qualities, this still un-named fellow’s personality and background are starting to come out a bit(perhaps he never asked for that.)

Positive Qualities: Toughness(9 Karma), High Pain Tolerance Lv. 2(14 Karma). Total: 23 Karma
Negative Qualities: Mild Addiction(Alcohol, +4 Karma), Insomnia(+10 Karma), SINner(+5 Karma). Total: +19 Karma

Okay, so SINner gets used again. It’s fitting for this guy though-I see him having been a member of society(and possibly coerced through the use of cyberware, which could explain some of his high-grade heavy implants.) The stress of his job led him to take to the drink a bit(though he’s not bad with it), and the heavy implants took a toll on his biorhythms, causing mild insomnia; sometimes he has those bad nights where he stays in his dark pad, up late with the trid on.

As for his positive qualities, I like the idea of him being really tough; both Toughness and Pain Resistance are great for this.

This combination leaves him with 31 Bonus Karma to spend at the end.

And that brings us to Active Skills, since there is no magic or Matrix like things to deal with. He gets 28 points and 2 Skill Group points to spend. Thinking over his skillset, he’ll have plenty of combat skills and a few other skills appropriate to his role.

Athletics Skill Group: 2
Pistols: 4
Automatics: 5
Longarms(Shotguns): 2(+2)
Unarmed Combat: 5
Pilot Ground Craft: 2
Etiquette(Corporate): 2(+2)
Negotiation: 3
Intimidation: 3

Skilled in guns and close combat, he’s got enough other skills that he picked up to help out. He’s learned to deal mainly with corporate entities, hence his specialization in Corporate Etiquette, and he’s learned to both strongarm folks and deal with them in a more civilized manner. If he feels like it. I didn’t specialize him in a ton of stuff, since I generally see him as fairly well schooled in many aspects. His close combat style is ‘”&%¤ you up style” utilizing fists, knees, elbows, feet, heads, walls, desks, pavements, and the like, though perhaps he may decide to focus on a style(he’s studied a few styles that he mashed together into that one.) As for Longarms, he’s used shotguns more than rifles, though he’s had some rifle training(he just doesn’t own one at the moment.
More Bonus Karma will definitely be spent here, though; he lacks a few skills I really wanted for him along with these, but 31 is a pretty hefty amount of Bonus Karma to play with(and he won’t need Resources or any Attribute increases.) I’ll do that when it’s time to spend the Bonus Karma(I’ll be doing these in the book order.)

Let’s do some Knowledge and Language skills. His Intuition+Logicx2=12 points to spend.

Shadowrunner Haunts: 2
Safehouse Locations: 3
Security Procedures(Corporate):2(+2)
Cyberclinics Locations: 1

English: N
Japanese: 3

Next, we move onto Resources. With 500,000 to spend, before gear, we’re going to head RIGHT on into the ol’ Cyberware and Bioware section, and starting loading our friend up with stuff to let him hurt people better(and, well, do that quiet thing too maybe.) To make this simpler, I’m going to go down the line with the ware I would like for him, and then explain things about some of it.

Cybereyes(Rating 4)-14,000, .5 Essence
Low-Light, Thermographic, Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement 3: 20,000 nuyen
Internal Air Tank(Rating 3)-.25 Essence, 13,500
Datajack-.1 essence, 1,000
Muscle Augmentation Lv. 3: 63,000, .6 Essence
Muscle Toner Lv. 3: 66,000, .6 Essence
Tailored Pheremones Lv. 1: 31,000, .2 Essence
Aluminum Bone Lacing: 1 essence, 18,000
Synaptic Boosters Lv. 2: 190,000, 1 essence
Orthoskin Lv. 3: 18,000, .9 Essence

=434,500, 5.15 Essence

Whew! Well he almost blew his entire wad of nuyen, but he’s got plenty left over for a decent Lifestyle, a vehicle, and plenty of gear. Those Synaptic Boosters really set him back. But this setup gives him a rather impressive set of Attributes now. Perhaps later on he’ll get stuff increased to Alphaware to plug even more into himself. He’s still got SOME level of Essence left at least, though he’s pretty well loaded.

This loadout will give him +3 to his Agility, Body, and Strength, +1 to his Influence/Acting skill groups(or the skills within), enhanced vision, +2 to his Reaction and +2d6 Initiative Dice to get him faster. Eventually, some Skillwires wouldn’t go un-noticed, though right now, they’re even a bit out of a prime runner’s price range. I’m considering trying to fiddle out a bit more for Orthoskin to help out there.

His ware is all suitable to the work he’s in; which is heavy firepower and close quarters combat, along with a bit of the ‘tank’ between his bone lacing and positive qualities.

Now, for gear. This is stuff that he had from his past, as well as some of the newer stuff he picked up. (i’m actually just going to list this on his character sheet at the end so you don’t have to sit through two of this guy’s lists; his gear list is considerably more extensive than the other two characters.)

180 left.
Starting: 2100 rolled=2,180

We’ve managed to blow it all down to 1780, and with rolled money, he starts with 2,180 on his credsticks. As you’ll see on the finished sheet, he had enough for a Low Lifestyle(safehouse) along with his normal Middle Lifestyle, a Docwagon Basic Contract, and a motorcycle, along with a lot of other useful odds and ends.

Now, we’re going to go and figure out two things: Contacts, and Bonus Karma. The Prime rules grant him Chax6 Contact Points. He gets 12, as he’s not the most charismatic guy around. For him, I decide on:

Fixer: C4 L3(7 points)
Street Doc: C3 L2(5 points)

Two decently connected contacts. His fixer is Spanky, the Irish Troll, for the reason that in my Shadowrun games, he is the primary fixer around the area. The Street Doc is a man who goes by the name of Douglas, an aging fellow who might resemble Morgan Freeman a bit(in his early fifties) who was likewise part of the same corp whom ended up leaving after an ‘incident.’ The two have known each other long enough to build up the trust a bit, though they’re still a little more on the business standpoint. Douglas likes to lecture this fellow over his slowly overloading himself.

Bonus Karma is 31, and that is going to go to some skills I really wanted him to have:

Sneaking 3-12 Karma
Perception 3-12 Karma
Throwing Weapons 2-6 Karma
With the last Karma, he’ll get a point in Video Games of the 21st Century, one of his interests that he’s getting more and more into.

For some final calculations, he has a Mental limit of 4, a Social Limit of 4(thanks to Tailored Pheremones), and a Physical limit of 9. He’ll probably want to use some Karma to increase those other Limits a little bit eventually. Hes got 10’s in his two Condition Monitors and an overflow of 4. His total armor is a rather impressive 17(12 for his coat, 2 for his Bone Lacing and 3 for his Orthoskin.)

As with the Street Shaman, now we’re going to do a little fleshing out here.

Name: Stephen Harker
Alias: Jensen

Race: Human

Gender: Male
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 300lbs(Cybered)
Age: 32
Hair: Dark brown, medium length
Eyes: Light Green(Cyber)

General Appearance/Personality: Jensen, who took his nickname from an old game that he played before, is a pretty physically imposing guy, standing over six feet and fairly well built. He keeps his dark brown hair medium length, sometimes nicely combed back, other times not really caring if it gets windblown. Given his lower key personality, he tends to stick to basic clothing-army trousers, boots, and shirts depending on the weather-sometimes sleeveless, sometimes long sleeved, with a leather jacket worn as normal armor. He can swap to a business suit if the situation calls for it. Jensen generally keeps to himself, though he’s able to work with others, albeit his occasional snark or abrasiveness can cause just a little headbutting now and then, he’s loyal enough and mostly wants to get his job done. He has a fondness, however, for retro video games and gets genuinely happy and interested when speaking to folks about them.


Body: 4(7 for Damage Reduction)
Agility: 5(8)
Reaction: 4(6)
Strength: 4(7)
Charisma: 2(+1 to all Influence and Acting Skill Group die pools)
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 4
Essence: .85
Initiative: 7(9)+1d6(3d6)

Physical Monitor: 10
Stun Monitor: 10
Overflow: 4

Armor: 17(Armor Jacket+Orthoskin+Aluminum Bone Lacing)

Positive Qualities: Pain Tolerance(2), Toughness
Negative Qualities: SINner(5), Insomnia(10), Mild Addiction(Alcohol)


Physical: 8
Mental: 4
Social:  4

Active Skills:

Athletics Skill Group: 2
Pistols: 4
Automatics: 5
Longarms(Shotguns): 2(+2)
Unarmed Combat: 5
Pilot Ground Craft: 2
Etiquette(Corporate): 2(+2)
Negotiation: 3
Intimidation: 3
Sneaking: 3
Perception: 3
Throwing Weapons: 2

Knowledge/Language Skills:

Shadowrunner Haunts: 2
Safehouse Locations: 3
Security Procedures(Corporate):2(+2)
Cyberclinic Locations: 1
Video Games of the 21st Century: 1

English: N
Japanese: 3

Cyber and Bioware:

Cybereyes(Rating 4)
w/Low-Light, Thermographic, Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement 3
Internal Air Tank(Rating 3)
Muscle Augmentation Lv. 3
Muscle Toner Lv. 3
Tailored Pheremones Lv. 1
Aluminum Bone Lacing
Synaptic Boosters Lv. 2
Orthoskin Lv. 3


Middle(1 Month)
Low(1 Month, Safehouse)

Weapons and Armor:

Knucks(10P damage)

Colt America L36(Smartlinked)(Acc 7(9), 7P, SA, 11c)
w/4 spare clips, 50 rounds regular ammo, and Concealable Holster

Ares Predator V(Acc 5(7), 8P, SA, 15c, AP-1)
w/12 spare clips, 60 rounds regular, 60 rounds gel, 60 rounds APDS(-4 AP) and Concealable Holster

SCK Model 100 SMG(Acc 5(7), 8P, SA/BF, 30c)
w/6 spare clips, 60 rounds regular, 60 rounds gel, 60 APDS rounds(-4 AP), and Gas Vent 3(4 points total recoil comp on gun)

AK-97(Smartlinked)(Acc 5(7), 10P, -2 AP, SA/BF/FA, 38c)
w/6 spare clips, 80 rounds regular, 80 rounds gel, 80 rounds APDS(-4 AP), Gas Vent 3 and Shock Pad(4 points total recoil comp on gun)

PJSS Model 55(Smartlinked)(Acc 6(8), 11P, -1 AP, SS, 2(b), 1 point RC on gun)
w/30 APDS rounds(-4 AP), 20 Fletchette Rounds

5 Flash-Bang Grenades
5 Frag Grenades
5 HE Grenades
5 Thermal Smoke grenades
6 Throwing Knives

Armor Jacket(12 armor) w/Rating 2 Chem Protection, Fire Resistance, Insulation, and NonConductivity
Actioneer Business Clothes(8 Armor)


Renraku Sensei Commlink(Hot Sim Mod)
Subvocal Mic
White Noise Generator(Rating 6)
Fake SIN Rating 4
Certified Credsticks(2 Gold, 1 Silver)
Fake Licences(All Rating 5): Pistols, Bioware, Automatics
Earbuds(Capacity 3)-150 w/ Audio Enhancement 3
Autopicker(Rating 4)
Sequencer(Rating 5)
Climbing Gear
Survival Kit
Chemsuit 4
Gas Mask
Respirator 6
Medkit 4
2 Supplies
Assortment of retro video games and systems
Docwagon Basic Contract
Leather Jacket
Harley-Davidson Scorpion

Spanky(Fixer): C4 L3
Douglas(Street Doc): C3 L2

Background:  Born of a middle-class wageslave family, Stephen Harker actually got to witness some of the more scary things that happened in the early 2050s at an age that was actually fairly impressionable, though he’s not particularly old or anything. His life was actually one of ‘nothing particularly exciting’-he mostly kept to himself, occasionally enjoying some sort of sport or club in his teenage years.

Around his late teens, his parents apparently ‘got involved with something’, and Stephen’s life changed. His parents explained that he’d have to meet with one of their ‘co-workers’ about something; something to do with work. While Stephen wasn’t exactly fond of the idea of corporate life, he could sense that something was dreadfully wrong, and that the ‘meet’ wasn’t exactly optional. His parents, unbeknownst to him, ended up sort of promising him to the corp in exchange for their lives; they’d rather have themselves-and him-alive(and as far as he knows, they are still around, though have different names and probably live somewhere in Europe), than the…other choice.

In any case, upon finishing whatever growth spurts he had, he was not magically active and thus funneled more toward the ‘company man’ style of work. Being fitted with cyberware changed Stephen a bit; he actually liked the power it gave him, and he became quite good at what he did. However, upon finding out what actually happened all those years ago, it soured him quite a lot; he managed, after a time, to cut himself loose(it did take some gentle coercion with a gun, his fists, and a xerox machine upside someone’s head) and take to the shadows. Using the resources he managed to scrounge up, he managed to set himself up with work; he was a skilled and well-oiled man with inside knowledge, and he made it a point to hit his particular old corp any chance he got. He’s not a picky man about his work otherwise. He’ll do it quiet, he’ll do it loud, or he’ll do it in the middle, but he’ll make sure it gets done.

Final Verdict:  The Prime rules work very well, though I feel they aren’t quite as strong as the Street ruleset or the ‘Normal Mode’ ruleset. I stand by my assertion that Prime could use a better Availability cap(16 at least, I’d say 18 wouldn’t go un-noticed, though keeping Device Ratings at 6 is fine), and Beta grade ware available(though, to be fair, I didn’t get this guy any Alphaware as it was…mostly because I was trying to save essence through Bioware since I couldn’t do it through Betaware.) Had I been able to run Betaware, I could have ran this more as a body-conversion job.

This experiment did actually show me more of how resources and the like really does change the playing field for cybered characters, but not *as* much Magical characters. Looking at Jensen’s sheet, and then Downfall’s sheet(whom is in the 3rd part, I saved ‘normal mode’ for last), Downfall would have ended up with one bonded Qi Focus difference. A difference, yes, but not all that much of one. Kat, now, going from Street to Prime would have had a lot more magical toys.

Overall I think this one is 7 out of 10 Mohawks. It’s good(on my scale, 7 is ‘good’, with 6 being ‘above average’), but I feel it can actually be a LITTLE more powerful without turning it into the ‘High Life’ game listed in the back(which I’d see as more of a short, fun, big, loud game). Now, again-at my OWN table, we ignore Availability rules at chargen regardless of game style and leave it at an honor system, so this wouldn’t matter, but for tables that follow it, I’d have probably just ended up going body conversion anyway with Normal Mode Jensen and taking the mega Essence Loss to the face. I basically feel that with the prime game they were a little bit TOO conservative. Now, don’t get me wrong-I’m glad that the ‘basic Prime’ game doesn’t give you so much that you don’t feel like you need more, indeed; I’m glad I can still see this guy growing; I feel like you can play a Prime game as a regular, ongoing campaign. That’s not as much my issue as it is thinking it could have used a little bit of opening up.

You know, I’m looking at him, and I actually started to think I’d have been better off with Resources B. I’d have sacked Synaptic 2 for Wired 1, dropped the Air Tank, and shuffled a little nuyen around to throw an extra point into his Body, Strength, Charisma, and Intuition. He’d have less Initative, but he’d have better Limits, even more survivability, and an extra point of damage on his unarmed hits to boot. (He’d also have gotten a couple more Knowledge Skill points(NERDRAGE) and even a little more on the Contacts side.) Both are viable builds, and his skillset wouldn’t have been changed at all.


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