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The Gunslinger Adept: Reborn

Out of all the archetypes, out of looking them over, two stood out at me a bit much. (Besides the lack of a 3rd dwarf, but that would just require getting a picture of that Mafiaoso Cigar-Smoking Dwarf slapped over the Brawler Adept and some stat adjustments. ;)) I had mentioned in my review about one, but the more I looked at it, the more I really wasn’t pleased with out it turned out.

It was the Gunslinger Adept. I felt that…he just didn’t seem to make much sense. His physical stats were way too low for a guy who did mad Gymnastics and had things like Natural Athlete. A new player would be suffering from extra recoil due to low Strength. Mistakes, thanks to his average Body(fine for a non-combat character, for a combat character, it’s a bit low and some of the less combat characters are harder-bodied…and no, the Technomancer and Occult Investigators are both human, not Orks), would be pretty harsh on the dude.

A lot of the archetypes are very well made this time around, but this guy definitely jumped out as ‘If I were new, I’d pass this guy over most like or want to build my own.’

I decided to rebuild him to a setup that I felt was more solid. Most of the stuff is staying the same-I’m keeping knowledge and language skills generally as they are, and so on. I’m mostly keeping his Active Skills the same, though they’ll need some adjustments.

First off, his new Priority setup:
A: Attributes
B: Race(Elf, 6 SA points. 4 to Magic, 2 to Edge.)
C: Skills(28/2)
D: Magic(2)
E: Resources: 6,000


Body: 5
Agility: 7
Reaction: 5(7)
Strength: 5
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Edge: 3
Magic: 6
Initiative: 9(11)+1d6(3d6)

Physical: 7
Mental: 4
Social: 5

Physical Condition Monitor: 11
Stun Monitor: 10

Needless to say, MUCH MUCH better now, IMO. The guy has a little more in the Mental department, he has an extra Physical and Stun Monitor, he has Strength to get rid of some Recoil, higher Reaction and Intuition both for Initiative, and even a higher Agility to help out those skills. His Limits are nicer, to boot.

Adept Powers:

Attribute Boost(Agility 4, 1 PP)
Combat Sense(1, .5 PP)
Enhanced Accuracy(Pistols, Automatics-2, .5 PP)
Improved Reflexes(2, 2.5 PP)
Mystic Armor(2, 1 PP)
Spell Resistance(1, .5 PP)

Active Skills:

Survival Skill Group: 2

Automatics: 5
Pistols: 5
Longarms: 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Gymnastics: 4
Running: 2
Sneaking(Urban): 3(+2)

Perception: 3
Etiquette: 2
Con: 2
First Aid: 1
Pilot Ground Craft: 1

Knowledge/Language Skills: 12 free points

Egyptian Ceramics 2, Weapon Manufacturers 4, BTL Dealers 1, Lakota N, English 4, Sperethiel 3

Qualities-Addiction(Mild, BTLs), Code of Honor(Assassin’s Creed), Natural Athlete
(20 Negative-7 Positive=13 more Bonus Karma, bringing total to 38)

3 Bonus Karma: Sperethiel 3

Bonus Karma Left: 35

Okay, to get more Bonus Karma for skills, he lost the Guts quality. But he did gain better attributes to help resist that stuff-I felt it was a good trade-off in general.


Black Market Gun Dealer: C3 L3
Target Ranger Operator: C 3 L 2

2 Bonus Karma: Used on Contacts

Left: 33

10 Bonus Karma: 20,000 nuyen(for 26,000 total)

Left: 23

Skills purchased or upgraded:

Etiquette 2(6 Karma)
Con 2(6 Karma)
First Aid 1(2 Karma)
Pilot Ground Craft: 1(2 Karma)

Left: 7 Karma

Perception: raised to 3(6 Karma)

1 Bonus Karma left. I used this to give him ‘BTL Dealers’ at 1, to match his Addiction.

Now, he’s going to lose some gear. But this guy I think had resources higher than he really needed to. We can make 26k work for this fellow rather easily.

Low Lifestyle(1 month)
Armor Jacket(1,000)-with Chem 2, Fire Res 2, Non Conductivity 3
Contacts(Capacity 3, w/ Smartlink and Vision Enhancement 1)
Earbuds(Capacity 3 with Audio Enhancement 1)
Fake Sin(Rating 2)
2 Fake Gun Licences Rating 4
Gecko Tape Gloves
Medkit(Rating 3, 2 refills
Sony Emperor Commlink

Knucks: 100(Unarmed Damage: 6P)

Ares Predator 5(w/ 100 regular rounds, 60 APDS rounds, Concealable Holster)

Ingram Smartgun X(w/ 100 rounds, 70 Stick n Shock)

PJSS Model 55 (w/50 regular, 40 Fletchette rounds)

Ruger Super Warhawk(w/ 60 Regular Rounds, Concealable Holster)

AK-97(Smartlinked,  w/ Gas Vent 3, Shock Pad, 100 Regular Rounds, 50 Gel Rounds, 50 APDS Rounds)

25,960 Spent

Starting Nuyen: 40+(3d6x60)

Okay, I had decided to swap out the Machine Pistol. I felt his Predator and Ruger were fine for pistols, and wanted to give him  2 Pistols, 2 Automatics, and a Shotgun. This character is, as his powers say, more focused on the former; though he is very capable in the Shotgun/Longarm department if need be. He’ll get himself a Sporting Rifle at some point later on(the book one, for what it’s worth, did not start with a rifle either.) He’s got a good Knowledge skill I think to find someone to get a reasonably low-Availability, low cost Machine Pistol.

Here we go, the updated Gunslinger Adept Archetype. IMO, this guy is a lot better for an archetype/sample character for a new player; I think his attributes and skills make more sense together with his physical skills, he holds up better, moves faster, and in general he’s got a nice range of stuff.



  1. I enjoyed this blog. I’m starting with the book’s prime runner version of the priority system. might try your karmagen revamp after I’m more farmilliar with the new rules. (so much memorizing) My problem is that they really dont have any sort of way to make enemies quickly. I mean they have a pretty good system for npc’s cause you essentially just use the character generation system and they have like fourteen enemy archetypes,but I need to be able to preemptively create a lot of baddies with variety. Any suggestions?

    • IMO, the easiest ways to make NPCs is to use the Die Pool method. Rather than raw stats, jot down how big their die pools are.¨You’d need to think up some basic attributes just for limits, but IMO those can be eyeballed. So like, you’d have…

      Elite Guard: B4 A3 R4 S3 C3 I3 L3 W3 Edge 2

      Limits: Phys 5, Social 5, Mental 4
      Wired Reflexes 1, Smartlink, Low-Light Retinal Modification (essence 3. something, I forget how much essence the SL/Low Light runs off the top of my head)

      Firearms DP: 8(10 with Wireless Smartlink. Give Gun Stats here like damage, range, etc)
      Unarmed DP: 7
      Clubs DP: 8(Stun Baton, give stun baton stats)
      Initiative: 8+2d6
      Dodge DP: 7
      Perception DP: 6
      Throwing DP: 6

      Armor: 12

      Gear: Ares Predator w/ 2 clips regular/2 clips gel, Shotgun or SMG of choice(Smartlinked), w/ammo of choice, Armor Jacket, Stun Baton, 2 Flash-Bangs, *Insert Decent Level Commlink Here*

      And other DP’s as appropriate(I’d jot down for example their bigger dodge or defense pools, like if they mix in Gymnastics or parrying or whatnot.
      You do need to read some rules and such, but once you get those down I think making them like this ends up quicker and easier. Hell, for stuff like Stock Troops, you can probably even just eyeball the Limits(as a rule of thumb I just toss limits of 4-5 on most stock NPCs like this as that’s what they end up with, you can make them higher for more Elite Troops. This example above is an ‘Elite’ guard, but guards aren’t particularly hefty NPCs. The most Elite thing this guy has I think are a decent Firearms DP and a good Initiative.) Now this guy I think would be a little soft for a Prime game but I think he’d be a decent Elite guard for a normal game, and probably a little better if he goes against Street folks.

      Hopefully that helps a little?

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