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Going to be posting some of the house rules I plan on using with SR5. This will be an ongoing process, and hell, some of these might end up tweaked over time.

-Karmagen setup in progress. I like this priority system, but I also like Karma Generation. (The Karmagen system’s meta prices are in the process of getting an overhaul; I’m changing the ‘negative at the start’, increasing the base costs of the Metas and having everyone buy the stats from 1. It seems fairly balanced. Starting Karma will remain between 720-730, which I feel is appropriate for the power level you get from the Priority system, with 550-650 for lower level games, and 750-850 for higher. I have made up a few characters now under Priority, and a few under the 730 Karma system(using the race costs I figured), and I genuinely feel that the power level is quite even. I do apologize this is going slowly, but I do want to make sure that I iron the kinks out of it. I feel it’s almost done, but could use a few more passes.

-For Priority based characters, they get Logic + Intuition x 3 Knowledge Skill points. This change is simply due to x2 being a silly low amount, and was an unnecessary change from the old.

Price Adjustments on some Cyberware, Bioware and Other Gear:

I’m not too fond of cyberware prices as they are. I feel they are a bit costly for what they are, and really feel they could use a

So, given I feel stuff is too much for the nuyen, I’m lowering prices on the stuff that was raised until I feel it’s more in line.


Wired Reflexes :

Rating 1: 25,000
Rating 2: 100,000
Rating 3: 200,000

Muscle Replacement: Eyeballing between 18,000 and 20,000 per level. 20k would bring back the ‘old school’ price, though I think 18,000 would be more appropriate and is likely the number I’ll be running with. Rating 2’s seem a little costly, but you can, under this, get yourself an Alphaware set of Wired 2 and even have Resources B if you like playing a ‘simpler’ sam.

Visual and Audio Enhancements:

Cybereyes: 1,000/5,000/7,500/10,000
Cyberears: 1,000/3,000/5,000/8,000
Vision Enhancement: Rating x 2,000
Low-Light/Thermo/Flare Comp: 1,000/1,000/750
Audio Enhancement: Rating x 2,000
Smartlink: 2,000
Vision Magnification: 1,000
Balance Augmenter: 5,000
Damper: 1,500
Select Sound Filter: Rating x 2,000
Spatial Recognizer: 2,000

The base Cybereyes should be cheap. They are one of the most known pieces of ware, and I can’t see them being more than 1,000. I could probably lower them to 500 and it would be appropriate. The higher levels I can see costing more, but not as much as they currently are. This is stuff that gets used in mass quantitied for corps.

I decided to lower the price of Plastic Bone Lacing to about 7,000 instead. I feel the other two are well priced, but Plastic, being the lower end, I felt could be a little bit cheaper.

I am in the process of refitting Shadowtech’s old variable Datajacks to fit the new game, but it’s going to take a bit of work. I liked the idea of level 1-4 Datajacks.


Muscle Augmentation: 22,000/Level
Muscle Toner: 23,000/Level (1 level of each is 45k, like in the old days)
Suprathyroid: 90,000
Synthacardium: 15,000/Level
Tailored Pheromones: 18,000/Level
Cerebral Booster: 20,000/Level

I feel these prices are more suitable. Bioware is still more expensive(if you want a biosam, you’re probably going to be rocking A or B Resources). Availability is not changed, so the caps for what you can get if you play with standard Availability rules also doesn’t change. That being said, IMO, Availability should drop to Rating x4 in regards to the Synaptic Boosters, to allow cyber/bio characters to start with Level 3 Reflexes if they choose like an Adept can. (It’s allowed in our games, again, due to no Availability caps, but for those who play with it it’s a suggestion that I have that I think will quell a *lot* of the issue the cyber folks are having with adepts; ie, they can start with level 3 reflexes.)

I didn’t lower the Essence costs of anything, so people wanting to buy used for an even bigger discount are going to be taking a nasty Essence hit still.

I have done a bit of testing. A mostly Bio-Sam will have to be Resources A; but you know, that’s alright in my mind. You’re paying the the ability to be less detectable than a masked mage. But I wanted cyber folks to be able to run without spending most of their resources. With this setup, one can get 2 levels of Alphaware Muscle Replacement for 43,200, Wired Reflexes 1(Alphaware) for 30,000, a set of Level 3 cybereyes with low-light, thermographic, flare compensation, Lv. 3 Vision Enhancement and a Smartlink for 18,250, and Aluminum Bone lacing(Alphaware) for 21,600. This comes out for a total of 4.4 Essence and 113,050, which I feel is quite nice for a more ‘budget’ Samurai. They have money to spend in Resources C WITHOUT having to use Bonus Karma toward it, they still have room to grow Essence wise, and they could have probably gone for just about 100,000 nuyen if they chose to do the higher-essence non Alphaware method here.


Since a Skilljack is needed now, I am dropping the price on both. Skillwires were/are a method that corps can use to plug in their members for ‘cheap’ labor. At 120,000 nuyen for Rating 3 Skillwires/Skilljack combo, this is anything but cheap. Halving these both to 10,000/level I feel would, while still be costly, be a little more appropriate.

Control Rig:

Rating 1: 25,000
Rating 2: 75,000
Rating 3: 200,000

This is just to make lower-level Riggers a little more viable. I basically matched the price to the Wired Reflexes for the 1st and 3rd levels, bringing down Level 2 a little bit.

As for Non ‘ware Gear:

Fake Sin: 1,500/Level
Erika MCD-1(Cyberdeck): 15,000
Microdeck Summit(Cyberdeck): 26,000
Microtronica Azteca 200(Cyberdeck): 70,000

Inflated Sins a bit from SR4, but Licenses didn’t inflate at all, and I feel SINs inflated too much. They weren’t as bad as they were in the old days(but, to be fair, in the old days, you could get that million.)

I wanted to offer street deckers a more affordable option for the first couple of decks. I just sorta dropped the third by a little bit to make that a slightly better option for Resource C Deckers. After that though, folks get what they pay for. 😉

I also added in a timeless classic: the Pocket Secratary, from the old days, just for fun. I like the idea of having an old-school PDA type thing mixed in there. I put it’s cost at 500 nuyen, given that it’s pretty much an out-dated piece of technology.

Quality Adjustments:

Human Looking: There will be 2 levels to this quality. 3 and 6 Karma. For 3 Karma, elves, dwarves, and orks may take it, and they can essentially pass as human. This works as the 6 point book version.
For 6 Karma, Trolls may take it. Now, in a Troll’s case, they don’t necessarily get ‘human sized’ or anything like that-but they do have a much more human appearance. Perhaps their tusks and/or horns were cosmetically removed* or are very very small in the tusks’ case or well-placed and not particularly in the way in the horns’ case. Their proportions may be more human, or their dermal deposits are bashed out in such a way they’re not very noticeable. The character is still unmistakably troll-he’s still troll height-but he might get to enjoy a bit less issue that more ‘slouchy, classic’ trolls get(in other words, more neutral attitudes, however, given the size, true racists still aren’t going to be happy about them). Of course, like others, they could also get increased animosity toward them by metas who think ‘they’re wannabe humans’, or perhaps a little jealousy from others. Trolls do pay more and don’t get the same benefit the other metas have(again, they’re more obvious), but it’s still a useful enough quality to have for a troll trying to make it in a human world. The more ‘Light’ prejudiced types are a little more likely to let their race go more if they at least look more human.

Mechanically, if dealing with someone ‘biased’ against Trolls, shift their reactions one level a bit more positive. So someone whom is, say, a little iffy toward them is more willing to be accepting(as sad as it is, beauty is skin deep for some), while a more anti-meta person is shifted more to a ‘bias’-where they’re willing to perhaps deal with them on a business-level.

*Though, with the rules for Cosmetic Modification coming in another book most likely, I imagine this Quality would be un-necessary at this point, unless it stayed to give people a choice of how they wanted to make their Troll more human-looking.

Incompetence: 10 Karma. For taking an entire group, you should certainly get more than 5 Karma. Yes, people could take Incompetent: Ferret Wrangling and get free points(if the GM allowed it, that is), but this wasn’t a fix as much as an overtune. Leave it a skill group, but give it appropriate points.

Uncouth: Uncouth is probably one of the most notorious Negative Qualities, but not in the ‘Free Points’ way that Incompetence was often seen as. It’s notorious because it’s too harsh.
‘All Social Tests to resist acting improperly or impulsively receiver a -2 dice pool modifier’ on page 85 is fine.
The biggest change is people are NOT treated as Unaware if they do not have the skill. I was toying with a change, and I feel that simply taking a -1 to ALL Social die pools is more fitting. Now, this means that someone with a Charisma of 2 and no social skills won’t get any dice to roll, but, well…don’t be Charisma 2 and no Social Skills with Uncouth if you don’t want that. (The GM is still within their rights-and encouraged-to require a roll where others might get by for free. I think that’s pretty fitting.)
On the flip side, since the hindrance is lighter, it’s now a 12 Karma quality instead.

Uneducated: Characters who are Uneducated take a -1 to all die pools regarding Academic or Professional Knowledge skills, Language skills, and Active Technical skills, and as Uncouth, a GM may require tests for some Knowledge or Logic based skills that others can take care of without a roll. Apply a +1 Threshold for any Technical, Academic, and Professional Extended Tests. This is still an 8 Karma Negative Quality.

SINner qualities: 5/10/15. They stay virtually the same in how they act, but I’m dropping the points of the 2nd and 3rd a bit. The issue is, for 25 points, the GM will feel too much pressure to keep hounding said player, potentially at a disadvantage to the rest of the group as they continually get dragged into their corporate intrigue. At 15 points, it won’t be necessary to keep slamming the player with it again and again, getting in everyone else’s way, but it will still be a fairly harsh quality that can be dealt with in creative ways.

Reskinning Mentor Spirits:

Really, just pick something that fits with a Mentor Spirit-work together with the GM to figure something out. The Mentor Spirit stays the same, it’s just ‘followed’ by a different name. This is up to the individual table, but, for example, reskinning Shark as a Love God isn’t a good idea, but as a Hunting or War God would work very nicely.

Mystic Adept Adjustment:

I do not wish to nerf the Mystic Adept too much, as this is the first edition that it’s felt really solid. All that said, I do feel that maybe it went a *little, tiny* bit too far in the other direction. While the errata will include the PP cost=5 Karma instead of 2, I will also likely be using the following adjustment:

-A Priority A Mystic Adept gets Magic 6, 1 Rating 5 Magical Skill, and 7 Spells.
-A Priority B Mystic Adept gets Magic 4, 1 Rating 4 Magical Skill, and 5 Spells.
-A Priority C Mystic Adept gets Magic 3 and 3 Spells.

This knocks them down every so slightly(and I can see it making sense that they get less spells since they split their studies), but doesn’t leave them spread *nearly* as thin as they were in the older editions.

Odds and Ends:

-When dual wielding two of the same weapon(say, two knives), you can split your die pool however you like. So if you, say, have 12 dice, and want to roll eight for one weapon and four with the other, you may do so.

-When dual wielding two different weapons, you can choose still what to use, but it’s done a bit differently. You can specify whether or not to use half and half, or 25/75% of the die pool split(rounding up.) So someone with a Blades pool of 12 and a Pistols pool of 10, they can choose half and half(rolling 6 dice for the blades and 5 for the pistols), or split them up differently(say, using 75% of his Blades pool-9 dice-and only 25% of his Pistols pool which would be 3 dice after rounding up.) This could be used, for example, to throw out some half-hearted cover fire with the pistol while focusing on a melee opponent. (Smartlinks would add to the pool first before it’s split up, so if the character in this case had a smartlink, the Pistols pool would become 12, then 1/4 of that would be 4 dice.)

Stuff I’m in the process of:

Fixing Cyberware Wireless Bonuses to be more like actual bonuses. In other words, I’m fixing up some of the old ‘Ware and making it work like it’s always have, and coming up with meaningful bonuses for the ware itself that people can get if they use it wireless. This is to make it feel more like an actual choice, and not ‘I have to run it wireless to make it work as it always has for this character I’ve converted over time.’

-Working on adjusting Wired Reflexes and Reaction Enhancers in particular. I am thinking that Enhancers should be able to go up to level 5 instead of 3, and this will make the Wireless Bonus attractive to Wired Reflexes. (I am also considering dropping the Essence Cost of Level 3 Reflexes down to 4.5, so 1 would be 2, level 1 would add 1 essence for 3, and level 3 would add 1.5 essence for 4.5. You’d still probably want Alpha+Grade, though, particularly if you stack them with Reaction Enhancers.) My plan for Wired Reflexes is to allow their natural Reaction bonus to stack with Enhancers up to +4; using them Wireless will allow Reaction to be the one stat that stays able to accept augmentations above +4. I feel these are good trades; lots of Essence but with the ability to have an increased Reaction of +8-which is pretty monstrous-I feel they’d at least be a choice over Synaptic Boosters(limited to +3.) I’m still going to want to test this, though.

-Figuring a system for Shifters as well as some statistic things for them, to perhaps use before the Companion book comes out, though I admit with the Companion book coming at some point, this is quite a bit lower on the list.

-Finishing and tweaking the Karmagen system.

-Fixing the Reward nuyen. I feel that the base book rewards on the chart are a bit low nuyen wise; however, not all games give out lots of money. I’m fixing the chart to be more variable; rather than a +1 for things, it might read ‘+1 to +5’, depending on the actual severity of the threat. In other words, I’m simply expanding the system to allow a greater array of nuyen awards while keeping the base idea of a formula.

That does it for now. I’ll have more up as I get around to it.


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