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Back in the day, in the old Sprawl Sites book, there was an Elven Mage archetype. The poor girl seemed to disappear over the years. Perhaps because she died from catching a cold from her 1 Body. This one’s healthier. This one is a mage through and through and I took some liberties to give her some new bonuses, like a Knowledge Mentor spirit to fit her theme. I think people looking for a ‘classic Magician’ archetype(while still having someone who won’t blow away in a stiff breeze) could enjoy this one.

A: Magic
B: Attributes
C: Resources
D: Race
E: Resources(6,000)-+20,000(10 Bonus Karma)


Body: 3
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 5
Willpower: 5
Edge: 1
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Initiative: 7+1d6
Armor: 12

Physical: 4
Mental: 7
Social: 7

Condition Monitor:
Physical: 10
Stun: 11
Overflow: 3

Positive Qualities:  Mentor Spirit(5) [Knowledge: Hermetic title for Snake-+2 Arcana Tests, +2 Detection Spells, must roll Charisma+Willpower(3) to avoid pursuing secrets or knowledge that few people know about when hints are received of its existence.]

Negative Qualities: Allergy(Mild, Gold +5), Astral Beacon(+10)

Total: 25+10=35 Bonus Karma. 10 Spent on Resources leaves 25.


Power Bolt
Analyze Truth
Combat Sense
Increase Reflexes
Chaotic World

Increased Reflexes: 5 Karma(20 Bonus Karma remaining)

Active Skills:

Enchanting Skill Group: 2

Spellcasting: 6
Counterspelling: 5
Ritual Spellcasting: 3
Arcana: 3
Assensing: 2
Clubs(Stun Baton): 1(+2)
Pistols: 2
Etiquette(Magical): 2(+2)
Perception: 2
Conjuring: 4
Banishing: 3
Binding: 3
Astral Combat: 2
First Aid: 1
Gymnastics: 1
Pilot Ground Craft: 1
Negotiation: 2
Computer: 1

Bonus Karma spent on Skills: First Aid(1), Gymnastics(1), Astral Combat(2), Pilot Ground Craft(1), Negotiation(2), Computer(1): 20 Bonus Karma spent

Knowledge/Language Skills:

Magical Threats: 3
Magical Groups: 3
Parazoology: 3
Magical Theory: 3
Fine Elven Spirits: 2

English: N
Sperethiel: 4


Stun Baton
Browning Ultra-Power(w/50 rounds regular, APDS, Gel, and Concealable Holster)
Armor Jacket(w/Non Conductivity 4)

Magical Lodge Materials(Rating 6)
Reagents(50 Drams)
2 Detection Spell Formulae of choice

Middle Lifestyle(1 Month)

Fake SIN(Rating 2)
Fake Licenses(2 at Rating 4)
Earbuds(Capacity 3) w/ Audio Enhancement 1
Glasses(Capacity 4) w/ Vision Enhancement 1 and Image Link
Antidote Patches(2 at Rating 4)
Medkit(Rating 4), 2 Refills
Survival Kit
Respirator(Rating 4)
Gas Mask
3 Certified Credsticks(Silver)
Renraku Sensei Commlink(w/ Subvocal Mic)

Starting Nuyen: 150+(4d6x100)


Talismonger: C4 L3
Paranormal Investigator: C2 L2
Magic Librarian: C2 L2

Description: The Elven Mage is sort of a classic; she has a passionate interest in finding out how the magical world works, and is a highly educated and schooled woman, especially on all things arcane. She has a wide variety of spells and utilities on hand for a team’s every need, and is socially rather adept as well. More active than your average bookworm, her Stun Baton will give a nasty surprise to those who think she only need be casting to be a threat. On downtime, she can be found researching the plethora of magical threats about in the Sixth World or studying up on some of the paranormal critters around.


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