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Ahh, the Rocker. She existed back in Shadowrun 1e, and never again. Definitely not your typical runner type, but nonetheless a lot of fun.

I took a bit of a different approach with her-she did get some light ware, but with Alchemical Preparations and the ability to do one’s own pyrotechnics, I could NOT resist the lure of a mage-Rocker, at all. So here she is and I hope you enjoy!

Rocker, SR5

Human(E Priority)
Attributes: B
Skills: C(28/2)
Resources: D(50,000)
Magic: A


Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 4
Edge: 3
Essence: 5.1
Magic: 5
Initiative: 7+1d6
Armor: 12


Physical: 4
Mental: 5
Social: 7

Condition Monitors:

Stun: 10
Physical: 10
Overflow: 3

Positive Qualities: First Impression(11), Ambidexterous(4), Mentor Spirit(5, Fire-Bringer)
Negative Qualities: Addiction(Mild, Stim, +4), Insomnia(+10)

Mentor Spirit Bonuses: +2 Artisan tests, +2 Manipulation spells, must help out unless a Willpower+Charisma(3) test is passed.

Bonus Karma remaining: 19

Voice Modulator(Rating 4)  .8 essence
Datajack 1 essence

Alchemical Preparations:(Guitar, mic stand, wand, outfit pieces like rings and necklaces, things of that nature.)

Magic Fingers

Active Skills:

Conjuring Skill Group: 2

Spellcasting: 4
Counterspelling: 3
Alchemy: 5
Arcana: 5
Assensing: 2
Pistols: 3
Clubs: 2
Perception: 3
Etiquette(Media): 3(+2)
Performance(Choose): 6
Gymnastics: 2
Pilot Ground Craft: 1
Throwing: 1
Computer: 1
First Aid: 1

Bonus Karma for Skills: +1 Gymnastics(4 Karma), Pilot Ground Craft, Throwing, Computer of 1 each(6 Karma), First Aid 1(2 Karma). Total: 12 of 19 Bonus Karma spent

Knowledge/Language Skills:

Music Theory: 2
Musical Composition: 3
Hot Clubs and Venues: 3
Rock Music!:  2
Visual Performance: 2
English: N
Japanese: 2

Gear/Lifestyle: (+6000 nuyen, 3 bonus Karma), 35000 left

Chosen Instruments/Stage Costumes(5000 nuyen worth)
Middle Lifestyle(1 Month)
Browning Ultra-Power w/50 rounds, 50 APDS, 50 Stick n Shock and Concealable Holster
Telescoping Staff(looking suspiciously like a microphone stand)
Stun Baton
2 Throwing Knives
Armor Jacket(w/ Non Conductivity 6 and Fire Resist 4)
5 Smoke Grenades
Fake Sin(Rating 4)
Fake Licenses(3 at Rating 4)
Renraku Sensei Commlink(w/Sim Mod and Subvocal Mic)
Magical Lodge Materials(Rating 3)

Chemsuit(Rating 6)
Gas Mask
Respirator(Rating 4)
Survival Kit
Medkit(Rating 4), 2 refills
Monofilament Chainsaw

Contacts: 15

Bouncer: C2 L4
Media Producer: C4 L3
Venue Owner: C3 L3

+4 Bonus Karma spent on Contacts

Starting Nuyen: 10+(4d6x100)

Description: The Rocker is a bit of a different breed of runner-she’s actually more of a performer. As in she gets on stage and uses her magical gifts(mostly fed through her various instruments which she can activate-fire-shooting guitars, her own pyrotechnics and even, hell, a monofilament chainsaw) to add to her rather impressive stage show. She loves the thrill of getting onstage and playing her good ol’ fashioned 2050s rock n’ roll. She makes an interesting shadowrunner though-some of her spells are held in more subtle items, and they can double as interesting distractions on a run, and over the years her bouncer buddy has given her a few lessons on shooting in his spare time(and her mic stand can double as an interesting blunt object for people who want to get too close.) Charismatic and able to hang with people well, it might just be that her love of the thrill and rather eclectic skill and spell set can come in handier to a team than one might think.



  1. You are missing one small thing for a rocker. Where is the performance active skill?

    • I was actually using Artisan as that skill, since they’re all about playing instruments and singing and such, and I was using Performance on characters as more of a utilitarian skill. I could adjust to compensate for it though. It could work with both. (SR4 only had the Artisan skill to worry about.) Actually, looking over it, and I guessed I missed it no matter how many times I read it-they decided to divide them up instead, making Artisan the handicraft skill now, where it used to be the ‘instrument’ skill. Thanks for pointing that out, I was still in pre SR5-land in my head when I chose Artisan instead.

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