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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Okay, so another request: the Tech-Wiz. The original was a dwarf, but I decided to make this guy a troll for fun. He’s more of a ‘couch potato’ type of troll, but with Skills A he has a pretty large amount of variety. The bit below average Charisma I think fits a more ‘likes computers more than the outdoors’ type. His cyberdeck is flimsy-it’s only the second one on the list-but I see him using it more for stuff like media piracy or some basic overwatch than I do true decking(for now, he can always get a better one, and his skills in decking aren’t that bad.) His deal is essentially building and repairing about everything, with a big pickup to keep shops and stuff in. (I see his Low Lifestyle actually being a big warehouse or something.)

A: Skills(10/46)
B: Troll
C: Resources(140k)
D: Attributes(14)
E: Magic


Body: 5
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 5
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 5
Willpower: 3
Edge: 2
Essence: 5.5
Initiative: 7+1d6

Physical: 6
Mental: 6
Social: 5

Condition Monitor:
Stun: 10
Physical: 11

Positive Qualities: Juryrigger(10), Photographic Memory(6)

Negative Qualities: Mild Allergy(Sunlight, +10), Insomnia(+10)

+4 Bonus Karma

10: Resources(+20,000 for 160,000)
10: Edge
Remaining: 9 Bonus Karma


Datajack(.1 essence)
Cybereyes(Rating 3), w/Low-Light, Thermographic, Flare Compensation and Vision Magnification(.4 essence)

Active Skills:

Mechanic Skill Group: 5
Hardware Skill Group: 5

Armorer: 4
Cybertechnology: 4
Locksmith: 3
Hacking: 4
Cybercombat: 4
Electronic Warfare: 4
First Aid: 2
Pistols: 3
Perception: 3
Pilot Ground Craft: 3
Clubs: 2
Etiquette: 3
Sneaking: 2
Negotiation: 2
Forgery: 3
Gymnastics: 2

4 Bonus Karma spent on Gymnastics

Knowledge/Language Skills:

Pirate Trid Broadcasting: 3
Media Datahavens: 3
Physical Sciences:  2
Metallurgy: 2
Coffee: 2
Electronic Design: 3

English: N
Spanish: 3


Microdeck Summit
Toyota Gopher
Electronic Tools Kit/Shop
Armorer Tools Kit/Shop
Automotive Tools Kit/Shop
Industrial Tools Kit/Shop
Cybertechnology Tools Kit
Aeronautic Tools Kit
Low Lifestyle(1 month)

Browning Ultra Power w/ 50 rounds, 50 gel rounds, 50 APDS rounds and Concealable Holster
Stun Baton
Armor Jacket(with Non Conductivity 4)
Fake Sin(Rating 4)
Fake Licenses: 2 at Rating 4
Medkit(Rating 4, 2 refills)
Trauma Patch
Survival Kit
Gas Mask
Respirator(Rating 4)
Sequencer(Rating 4)
Lockpick Set
Keycard Copier(Rating 4)
Earbuds(Capacity 3), with Audio Enhancement 2 and Select Sound Filter 1
Glasses(Capacity 4) w/Vision Enhancement 2
5 Certified Credsticks(Silver)
Micro transceiver
Datasoft(Electronic Design, Metallurgy, Pirate Trid Broadcasting and Media Datahavens):
Programs(Common): Browse, Configurator, Edit, Encryption, Signal Scrub, Toolbox, Virtual Machine
Programs(Hacking): Armor, Baby Monitor, Defuse, Guard, Sneak, Stealth, Track, Wrapper
Shopsoft(Electronics, Cyberdecks)
Hermes Ikon Commlink(w/Sim Mod)

Starting Nuyen: 1370+(3d6x60)

Contacts: 6(5 Karma added for 11)

Fixer: C3 L3
Media Pirate: C2 L3

Description: The Tech-Wiz does a little decking on the side(not much though, he more uses it for things like trid piracy or overwatch, though he does keep a nice handful of programs on hand), but his main forte is building and repairing a huge variety of things. Be it cars, trucks, bikes, planes, electronics, or even weapons and armor with some locks on the side, the Tech-Wiz can utilize a wide variety of tools and tricks to get the job done, sometimes even throwing stuff together seemingly out of nothing; he’ll sometimes lose track of time as he works on things, staying up all night. He seems to like his equipment and fixing things more than hanging out with people-he’s not mean or antisocial but he tends to spend more time in the land of electronics and the matrix than he does getting things like sunlight or ‘fresh’ air.