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Azaael, or Azzy as known to my online guildmates, I also am known by some variant of Fenris, Fenrir, or ElFenrir in older formats. I’m an avid gamer of all kinds-from MMO to console to tabletop. I have written columns and the like for music and gaming publications in the past and continue to do so now and again, leaning more toward the gaming side these days. Been gaming since the days of Atari, and had my first ‘session’ of 1st edition AD&D at around eight years old back in the mid 80s, which gives you an idea of age. :p

I’m married and living in Helsinki, Finland, after growing up in New Jersey, USA and living some 8-9 years in Philadelphia, where I studied.

Just a place for me to ramble about gaming type stuff, for better or for worse.

I’m a big fan of retro games, though I love new ones too. Castlevania might be my favorite series of all time.

Known for being a ”Reverse G.I.R.L.” as a kind of joke among my buddies, as 99% of the toons I play and pick in gaming are some kind of big(or at least biggish) dude. đŸ˜‰ Typically one in plate, though kung-fu dudes also make their appearances.

Current mains are Völundr of Sworn, Blood Elf Fury/Prot warrior. He likes to smash.

Azraphel and Ramiel are a Warrior and Rogue in Rift. Specs vary, though the rogue is more of a tank. Brothers I guess. Or cousins. Or bash buddies. Not sure yet.

Azaael is my dear old LK main, DK, Völ’s little brother. He’s my alt Blood tank.


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